Introduction to Meisenology

This site contains adult language and content, it is not intended for audiences that are sensitive to such.

There is an industrial world out there…

One which revolves around its own perceived sense of importance and grandiose, guised in grime, blood and toxic chemicals leeching into our environment.

Sadly, there is little control over those whom pretend to have power over the chaos that is their self imposed reality, thus resulting in a system which eats away at those whom spend more than their fair share in order to etch out a meager existence, toiling behind shovel or antiquated machinery.

Some days are filled with unrivaled excitement and comradery, others are a drudgingly slow crawl towards a goal that seems to grow further away with each distending minute. Every day however, is a little more of their ultimate lifespan stolen from them; all in the name of a few extra dollars or a few minutes spared in order to please the unbending few who self proclaim as experts in a field of amateurs.

Danger exists at each moment, with each decision, and every time the over-worked, under-rested exasperated responder answers their phone, made oblivious to its true purpose – extortion of labor – by means of promised hours and a resulting paycheck, that in reality is nothing short of lackluster.

Others, are made promises of great wealth and prominence in a position of limited power, a right-hand-man mentality spread by the owners to force modern indentured servitude upon those whom have the knowledge and skill set that one day could challenge the status-quo.

Together, these men and woman are the backbone of an industry which is our only hope to saving the planet from the un-equaled destruction humanity and its industrious innovations have wreaked upon the landscape.

Meisenology is the study of one man that challenged the status-quo… and lost.

Continue to Meisenology 101…

Meisenology 101


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