Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord will be a step too far.

This is not some trivial tweet, or supposed corruption involving an aging world power. This is active participation in the destruction of our environment, profits over people, and enhancing the world stage for more global conflict.

This is the conservative plan to decimate our planet and pick through the wreckage as they wish. No this is not a left wing conspiracy theory, this has been the agenda of the conservative elites since the fall of Fascism, a response to popular uprisings, and a means by which the so called <self made> people propagate their ideology. Think of Franco in Spain, Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Duterte in the Phillipines and Putin in Russia. What do they all have in common? The sense that some are better than others, an elitist agenda that parades itself as popular, and for the masses, only to decimate their financial, health and social structures (sounds like Trumps America to me).

This is a major step by our government in a wrong direction, it dooms our future generations.

Resist now, while we can:


Crooked Media:

Democracy Now:

Swing Left:

Run for something :

Movement Match:

We must take our future into our hands, lest we watch as it is destroyed around us all.


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