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If you think that defunding regulatory agencies works, or that your community is clean of industrial pollutants, you are only cheating yourself of the facts and a chance to live a truly happy healthy lifestyle.

We must, as a people come together to stop industries that care only of profits from continuing to wreak havoc on our ecosystem. We only get one shot at this thing called life, and everyone deserves a better chance at a healthy existence.

As a certified hazardous materials specialist, and certified industry technician whom has responded to hundreds of industry related chemical spills; I can assure you, and speak from observation based empirical evidence that every town, city, parish, county, what have you is plagued by contaminants of one form or another. The truth is that these giants of industry would rather hide the facts, deny critical science and attack and accuse those which can prove their deadly practices. Their practices are not new, and it goes back before even the founding of this country. Where ever humanity has made some form of technological progress, there has been debitage. This is a known fact to all parties involved. To a truly depressing point, every single active participant has utilized some form of denialism in regards to their practices. When you hear someone who claims to be on the side of the people talk about how jobs are being lost at the cost of environmental protection, they are simply denying the facts and changing the subject to draw the audiences attention to an immediate emotional need, at the cost of long term real damage in a myriad of ways.

Industry does not regulate itself, do not take their lies and alternative facts as reality, they would rather let the masses perish at the chance to make a penny. Name one company that actively fights to combat the effects of climate change that is also responsible for those damages? There is none, sure they have sustainability programs, and green programs, and environmental reviews and all of the catchy media jargon that implies they give a damn. But I challenge you to follow their waste, review their emission records and follow their money trails. I’ve been to hazardous materials waste sites, I’ve seen how waste is dealt with: it isn’t by any means of modern science, and sadly its another realm devoid of the ability to self critique or change where and when necessary, because the bullies on top make sure of that. These companies: Dow, Dupont, Vopak, Koch, and so many more are incredibly influential in the political landscape that drives our nation one way or another. They all act in concert to force a discussion where science has already had one; doubting anything that is not in their carefully executed legal and monetary tract. Denial that the federal government should play a role in these factors – while saying the states should regulate themselves – sounds nice, but is merely playing into the hands of the corporations that have already taken a monetary grasp of the lower level systems of government. If you think I’m out of my mind here, follow the lobbyists, look at both major political parties and look whom really represents the peoples interest, the political landscape as it is relies on our incompetence to thrive; oh how it thrives. This is not just a left-leaning political rant, this is the blatant facts of our existence now. We must act to change for the better, or the elites that are swaying the system in their favor will be the only ones left on a world ravaged by their profiteering. Which is exactly what they want, to be the only game in town. This is not a fantasy, this is the ideology of the indulgent oligarchy. They see the masses as an unnecessary and ultimately doomed aspect of human culture that they are actively fighting to remove from existence. To defend their practices, is to be an apologetic and culpable associate in their favor; one I have no sympathy for when they are faced with certain destruction, and the elites turn their backs when asked to help. This is not an extreme notion, this is a terrible aspect of the human condition that can and must be revealed and reversed if anyone outside these few want to have a better now, and a better future.

So I ask, what is worth more to you: A healthy life, or a wealthy company?

This is the choice we are given, and many chose wealth over health in the recent cycles of elections across the U.S.

You reap what you sow, and right now we are planting seeds of cultural, environmental and humanitarian destruction.

Thank you Sharon Lerner, for authoring an intriguing read into such an important issue. Also, thank you to Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and everyone at The Intercept for doing true, authentic independent journalism and investigate reporting.

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Each episode is well worth your time.


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