Let’s Talk Tyrrany

Blatant corruption takes many forms, not the least of which is achieved via Tyrrany, which, when delved into and addressed in its totality can be found in almost every aspect of daily life. So… lets take a look into the common world of such a maligned practice, and maybe we can root out the issue once and for all.

The acts of those in power to maintain their system can manifest in a beautiful myriad of examples. Sadly, throughout my young adult job experiences and continued into my adult life I am made aware of new and seemingly obvious forms of tyrrany. The following observations and interpretations are taken from many personal and researched situations.

To begin with, let’s talk about the means of playing the game of business that are often hidden behind a plethora of logical fallacies, false pretenses, excuses, and mind games to which I argue that they do not suffice when compared to the autracities they exhibit in return.

So let’s talk a walk along the river tyrrany, and confront maybe a few areas that you are aware, or unaware of, and the consequences of these actions on the only real scale that matters: the human condition.

Part 1:

The Business of Tyrrany; Wages, secrets and competition.

One day you find yourself enjoying a brisk lunch with a co-worker, delightfully enraptured in your meal, and perhaps even a light conversion, when suddenly the mood changes. Your coworker just asked something intensely personal:

“Hey, how many hours did you work last week?”
Or maybe:
“How much are you making a month?”
Or even:
“How was your last paycheck?”

You stiffen up, while internally a bitter feud is taking place. Why would she ask this? What is her angle? What could she possibly want to know? So you decide to brush it off, maybe side step the question a little bit…

“Oh… you know it was a slow week. Did you catch that recent sporting event?”

Boom! You just committed an act of supporting tyrrany, and you most likely had no intention or realization of such. Simply put the reaction to sidestep the truth, and evade the perceived possible provocation only works in favor of those that necessitate this behavior in order to further some agenda of their own. In this case by witholding any of the relevent information from your co-worker, you have instigated divide where there should be commradery, and pushed forth a corrupt business practice that has become a mainstay of the corporate business model: divide and conquer.

By keeping personal information on employees, and refusing to allow them the basic right of expressing their station, a business circumvents basic human rights, ensures that employees can not actively pursue a more fair wage distribution and roots out individuals that are capable of detecting corruption; casting them as rule breakers and ostracizing them. “A good employee knows when to keep their mouth shut.” This is something I have heard over and over again. Smh…

Let’s look closely at this idea of business secrets, by asking a question: what secrets could a business possibly have?

Well, the current status quo offers what is widely considered a valid response: businesses must maintain secrets in order to maintain an advantage over their competitors or else risk becoming stagnant in performance and profit. Indeed the internal secrets of an organization help to keep individuals from causing trouble, especially when it regards wages and bonuses.

Allow me one moment to vent: FUCK PROFITS AND PERFORMANCE.

Now that that’s through my system, let’s deal with this in a productive manner:

There is no such thing as a necessary business secret. The idea that secrecy increases performance leads to an environment where progress at a whole is stifled, and the ability for minds to come together and discourse are severely limited, and indeed this is a primary reason why income inequality is still an issue on this planet. I understand the human nature of needing to be seen as special plays a role in this, what business owner doesn’t want to be bathed in glory for a successful endeavor. However, which business owners publicly triumph their failures? The dichotomy that exists here is paramount to changing the system we all knowingly participate in to provide our basic needs and desires, goals hopes and dreams. For all those whom participate in the spectrum of business these critical aspects of human culture are fundamentally flawed, due to being primarily based upon greed, avarice and the abovementioned tyrannical practices. The pitiful part of all of this is that the select few whom are lucky (and yes luck is the primary reason for their success, not hard work as I’m sure you are indoctrinated into believing, by those whom are successful) enough to have achieved a status seen as successful are almost to a fault deeply engrained in tyrranical, corrupt business practices, and they know, appreciate and thrive off of this knowledge; the evidence of such is easily found repeating itself throughout human history and the ethnographic present, here is site that holds many recent examples:

The intercept – Federal Reserve Mock Unemployed

Now, the difficult issue to tackle in this regard is the idea of the American Dream, or being self made, independently successful. However, this idea that we each are somehow special, accomplished and therefore better than others is an idea and normalized station that needs to be reevaluated and removed from our society. Elitism, is not something to be praised or valued, it is the foundation of tyranny, especially in business. A society is not judged by its most prominent members, but by those whom are discarded by it: a difficult truth of anthropology. The WNYC podcast On the Media presents a 5 part series on poverty that tackles a lot of the previously mentioned in a depressingly entertaining manner:


In summation, thinking in terms of business, whenever someone with a perceived position of power tells another they can not speak of something, that’s tyranny, the tyrants main act is to silence the opposition, we must never forget. Where we like to believe there is a need for secrecy, there is in truth a belief based upon deception and corrupt business practices. In opposition, where now businesses consider the best kept secrets a key aspect to success, one can easily find that instead, a business composed of transparency, open communication, human relations and an outpouring of compassion are a most fundamental necessity to building an environment that fosters the idea that is the betterment of the human condition. Those that wish to continue these methods are prescribed to a competitive race to the bottom, where the only thing that really matters – the livelyhood of their employees – is sacrificed in order to turn revenues and reputation, increase profits and impress wealthy shareholders or stakeholders. Where in a society the golden rule of business is triumphed in any introductory business law class, yet, the status quo is gains without even asking “at what cost” we all lose the game.

What should be done:

Businesses should be actively fighting to share and cooperate with one another in order to further push humanity forward. Wages should be eliminated, and a standard living stipend should be allocated FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL whether or not they actively participate in the market economy. Businesses should no longer balance or bank on the backs of their employees, removing wages promotes this idea, and begits the employer to focus on prospering via a product that is superior in every way. The least a business can be rated shall revolve on how it treats the people it interacts with, in every facet. The greatest accomplishment of a business should be in its single focus to push humanity forward to a better tomorrow. That is the basis by which a world where business is the driving force of prosperity and ingenuity is by all means a successful abstract of the holistic approach to humanities existence.

Part 2:

The Institution of Tyranny; Education.

Some months ago I found myself in a lively discussion amongst a group of highly educated  undergraduate students, professors and the like in regards to a topic of great importance: Politics. The discussion was electric, in that all that participated that afternoon had invested some amount of personal (mostly emotional) value to their own perceived ideology. Ideas and notions being thrown back and forth, as rapid fire as any other discourse, students of the supoosed hard sciences proclaiming that their approaches outweighed those of a perceived and implied softer field. A simple and most often prescribed to fallacy not to mention act of tyranny in its own right. Eventually, an instructor stepped in and proclaimed that, having a PhD and being a respected educator in her own right, that her motion was the end all be all. The conversation stifled, the room quieted, and I, waiting for the awkwardness to ebb, spoke out:

“A title, such as PhD does not directly imply your knowledge set as greater than any others in every regard, congratulations, you worked hard and honestly very lucky to achieve what you have, but, you are mistaken, and clearly out of your element.”

The specifics of the argument matter not for the lesson here, the meaning behind the exchange stands out the most. Like in business, in the world of education there is an unwarranted and brutally powerful system of tyranny in place that has a frightening side affect: the lack of proper education for all.

How so?

Think of any time an instructor told you to be quiet, or as I often heard know your place. When an educator responsible for the most important time in a young person’s life, stifles their ingenuity, imagination or denotes them as a waste, The loser is in truth the educator, and the student alike. When administrators tell a student they can not afford to help a student pay for tuition, because that would not be fair to those who can afford to take it. When a police officer is called into a class room to scare children into respecting authority at all times. Tyranny takes many forms In the classroom, and sadly it has become the will and means of extending the reach and realm of those whom have so much, and give so little.

In all levels of education in this country, there has been a fundamental shift away from what’s important: garnishing some sense of critical thought, compassion and intellect in students; towards a society that only sees a monetary return from education as its value to the human condition. Where students are forced through a factory based implementation of time structures and unilateral thought experiences, where freedom is greatly stifled and individual success (often at the demise of others) is rewarded. It is found that the outcomes achieved by students do not prepare them for the realities of the world, and propagate the acts of tyranny that are abundant in the modern society. We are taught to accept authority, respect it, and demand of it nothing for the sacrifices it makes to ensure our protection and freedom. In other words, tyranny begits tyranny, and generation after generation are raised, inequality ever present in a intellectual means, nor equally prepared to face a world that challenges them in every regard. Sounds very reminiscent of the system of feudalism if you ask me.

Once again, where we see ourselves as special, individuals with great ability and even unrivaled experience, we should really be reminded that we are 99.99% genetically the same, despite looks -phenotypes- or other oppressive means of stereotyping. That anyone else in our situation would have done equally the same, that those whom wish to invigorate or inspire the next generation of young people should not talk down to them, but with them.

What should we do?

Enable education as the great provider it should be. Free for all at any levels. Integrate technology in a way that it is relevant and opens the students to the facts and truths of the world, not just as an avenue for entertainment or a means to wealth. Replace the factory education system with a model that allows the student to come and go as they will, that enforces education in all fields rather than a select few and replaces the classroom with a central hub, revolving around a field of study where educators of that subject are present around the clock, in abundance to assist those whom are in need. Education does not follow a clock, an individual student may not be ready or able to learn at a time that is dictated by some interpretation of statistics. There are many many… many things which a society can do to better its system of education, sadly, the U.S. is blinded to many of them. Perhaps more on this in a latter post.

We must remember that our individual actions can have far reaching consequences, business and education are merely two avenues by which tyranny has crept into our existence, muddying what should be common knowledge in regards to how we prosper.

We must remember, as the one and only race of humanity in existence, that we are in this together. Some may individually succeed, and many do by means of tyranny, but we all fail together. Right now, we are failing.

We the people…

Can and must do better.


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