Mainstream Media Monstrosity

I ultimately understand why the mainstream media portrays the news of the world the way it does, bright and colorful, perhaps at times a ripple on the surface of a complex, deep topic. The world is full of depression inducing humanitarian disasters and disappointment, death, destruction, corruption, greed and avarice; yet, they still have he time to mention another one of President Elect Trumps overly simple tweets, thousands of times. This is a world where many suffer and few thrive.


That is an interesting word to chew on at times. There are of course demographic and societal means by which ones sense of thriving can be measured, obviously there are economic and political standards to which many can be evaluated. All of which seem, and are portrayed by the media as complex and mind numbing in nature, if they do even try to cover something that requires it’s specialized attention to facts and data.

Yet, they all seem to miss the bill in one significant regard: Anthropologists educate that there is no such thing as a simple culture, which can be derived to mean that all aspects of culture are complexities, and though a climate of the present may look at a current state of being and use a term such as “thriving,” it must be made clear that its meaning is something significantly more in their time, than how a previous society once sought after a similar lifestyle. For it can be argued that who would really actively try to not thrive, except those whom have some other motive or circumstances.

What does this have to do with the media, specifically the mainstream and how it portrays the events of today? Well, it simply put is actively participating in a cultural phenomenon of simplification of a society, on a global scale. A sort of purge, or homogenization of differences, in order to simplify, on behalf of their viewership, which they often admit to seeing as simple or uneducated. Where once journalistic integrity involved scores that delved deep into issues of current prominence, now only a glossing over occurs in the mainstream sense. Details that are more apt to be often left out, or never even looked into stagnate the news stream into a state of perpetual complacency, along the mantra of “No one has the time to listen or watch a news program longer than an hour.” Which is of course statistically driven hooey, manipulation of numbers via inductive reasoning.

NPR, once a bastion of independent thought, now plays to it’s commercial underwriters, formulating fluff pieces about what tweet President Elect Trump has recently made, instead of thoroughly covering the events in Kentucky, where a single party super majority in an act of emergency legislation overwhelming enforced religious ideology on the masses of their state, without a single vote by the people. Meanwhile a news story takes highlight, foremost on screen that a Fox News anchor has switched to MSNBC. Without  more than a passing mention of the Cambodian social crisis, or the South Korean social crisis. There is a whole world of news out there, and yet the public allows it to be censored by a select few that have an economic and political agenda.

Now, arguably more than ever before, the masses are kept busy, working low wage jobs, maintaining religiously mandated ideology in their kinship relations, founded thousands of years ago, that enforces oppressive and aggressive segregation of cultures and implicitly restricts critical thinking, real relations and actively fights to oppress those whom think otherwise. This is the goal of the capitalistic representative democracy when it has become bloated by bureaucracy and run by the minority where no true majority exists. The media is a wing, an arm of their mobilized and heavily represented status quo, a means by which to placate the masses into not thinking outside of the established, that the world is a fluff piece by fluff piece misrepresentation of the human condition.

The interconnectedness of this is only really one small perspective, it runs deep in our society to hold dearly to our cherished way of life, that everything is great, as long as we aren’t bothered by the bad. The media plays into this, mandates this, refuses to allow independent thought by forcing new content, or repetition of irrelevant content instead of the all important civil discourse that truly moves a modern society forward, why? Because those whom have power will do anything they can to maintain it.

The complexity of our culture is not merely the result of the a massive amount of individuality within which it exists, but is represented by the result of those whomever control its means of thriving driving its reigns towards and end goal that sees more for themselves. In other words, a culture is most often recognized by the power force at be, only now are the Anthropological and other behavioral sciences recognizing the importance of the lay person in such a historical regards. This is the true depressing factor of our current state of existence: it does not take much research to see that humanity’s past is littered with examples where those whom have power, never really making decisions that help the betterment of those whom didn’t have power. This is the state of the United States now, our representation system represents more so the media and their corporate alliances, than the lay person. The difference now, is that we are led to believe from many different sources that it will change, that we can ourselves have a revolution to change the status quo to better the future for our future generations.

As long as there is in place the establishments that exist as they do now, in many facets, this will not easily if ever come to happen. The mainstream media, is merely the most obvious of them all.

So, you may be asking:

OK, the mainstream media fails in multiple ways to serve the populace, and is merely another arm of a giant corporate system that is corrupt via oppressive  leadership, what do you propose to do about it?

The answer is not easily discussed nor openly available, as the establishment has had a myriad of opponents and thus has survived them all, adapting with each challenge to further ensure its longevity and continued dominance in order to better prosper it’s leaders and propagate their power, many times over with each small victory.

I can tell you where we must look first:

The internet.

But not in the way you might think. Look into your ISP choices, or direct lack of. Follow the trails of data you as a user entrust to corporations that only see you as a profit stream, challenge where they say safety is priority, where they surely cannot even claim a definitive demonstration of. Look at how corporations that exorbitantly charge for access to that which should be free to all, also control the way in which data flows, who has priority and in many ways censures material they deem a risk to their monopoly over a critical feature of our current infrastructure. The media is more than just T.V. it’s more deeply ingrained in your every day life, and it heavily decides on what you see, and how you see it. We are now indentured to our technological wonders, and only beginning to see the evils that come along with unrivaled power in the digital era, we face an overwhelmingly powerful task in order to establish our freedoms from a corrupt and insufficient mainstream media.

Do not give up hope of what can still come to be, yet do not be naive about how we can achieve a more free and equal tomorrow.


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