Some Rights Make a Wrong


The political system that rebounded in the 2016 election cycle saw populism energize a voter base that pundits the country over failed to recognize as an active part of the American population. Conservatives, united under the capitalist demagogue Donald Trump, utilized the antiquated system of the electoral college to win an election that in fact was a major win for the Democratic candidate, to which I am no fan of either.

This accents an important issue which plagues the political affiliation that now has control over the three major powers at be: The use of arguments from antiquity, a critical logical fallacy, is the basis by which their party establishes and maintains dominance. There is no doubt that the fundamental tenements of conservatism are at play here, whether its member base recognizes the dangers associated with such close minded ideological stance.

From an observational perspective, it is not in the best interest of the human condition to take a backwards approach to social situations, where we see the U.S the Republican party doing so. The President Elect promises to reinvigorate the coal industry, refutes the science behind climate change, imposes blackmail tactics on industrial manufacturing in order to ensure its now antiquated practices in the country, not to mention other agregious ethnocentric views and corrupt praxtices. However, none of these do any good for the betterment of the human condition, for the people that voted him into power, in fact they only do good for those whom have invested in the industries that he wishes to promote. These industries are relicts of a short period of industrial manufacturing in the U.S. that destroyed our environment, took advantage of the working class and should never return. Don’t even get me started on the corrupt lies that make up the practices of industry world wide, how companies like ExxonMobil have hidden climate change data for over 30 years…

Let automation take its role in the human condition, get rid of the need to have humans toiling behind meaningless jobs that only serve to perpetuate an under educated, under inspired, over taxed, and under appreciated demographic. More on this in a future post.

Conservatism is not the answer to a political establishment that has abandoned the needs of the many, it only serves to stress and mandate a difference between peoples, to exhibit a form of elitism that results in so many living in poverty, lacking vital healthcare and options for healthy meals, child care and a basic education. These should be the basics delivered upon the people by its own set of governance, not awarded to those whom already have such. Yet still, people will say that there are so many using the niceties of the government to be lazy, to which they can never provide actual evidence of, and are overwhelmingly biased against the scientific gact that we as humans all evolved for a more leisurely life, and they are just as capable of being lazy as anyone else.

Conservativism kills, promotes elitism, propagates an ignorant mass of blind supporters that are more akin to a sports team fan base or brand loyal than an educated voter base, this is why young educated voters jumped to Bernie Sanders when given the opportunity, because he represents truth and integrity, they are done with corrupt political maneuvering. Sadly, that’s how conservative politics plays the game, not by fair means, by raising every one to a equal bar, but by raising those whom have the capital to achieve already.

More on this to come…


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