Fact in Lie

I sit writing this in an outdated, tiny, moldy junior college classroom, typing on an overly “thick and large” as a classmate observed Asus G750JW gaming laptop, on a desk that is at most an inch larger than my device.

Surviving the 50 mile journey yet again, enjoying the pristine views and stereotypical maddening drive associated with any road that enjoys more than one high speed corner, my ears were delighted by the familiar sounds of the podcasts to which mandates my morning routine.


This morning was something of an aggravating endeavor in a purely political, or social regard, as one particular episode of a podcast provokes strong thoughts of counter argument amongst a lonely drive…

The podcast: Planet Money, by NPR, heck the specific episode can be found here:

Planet Money #739 Finding the Fake-News King

I implore you to give the 20 min episode a listen, and make your own mind up on how you can discourse about this topic…

When you are ready, or if you just don’t feel like listening to the podcast read on.

A Discourse on the topic:

Fake news ironically has been a focus of the news media post election cycle. Though it would seem that such fantasy would be clearly identifiable from the upstanding sort of journalism that holds our system of governance in check… oh wait… The lacking of said journalistic integrity has led to the unraveling of the balance of power over which the media has in political matters.

Who the fuck cares right?

Well we all should, take into consideration the entirety of the media scene as it is brought across a huge audience that takes delight in such slop as reality T.V. and the factor it played in the recent electoral cycle. Where a demagogue, narcissist with a long term history of lies and deception has taken over what should be a beacon of social and political freedoms. In no small part due to a series of lies, creatively orchestrated, brilliantly scored and written to play to the fears of an already ethnocentric population that unknowingly forces their phenotypically different counterparts to adjust to a life that seemingly never grows to rival their own.

A populace, or at the least a chunk of it, that refuses to educate themselves on the world beyond their immediate surroundings, whom seem to think that national change is needed to repair the damage they are causing by refusing to progress, in turn regarding stagnation of education, technology and cultural practice as something that was once great, and can be again.

Can we blame them? Do we gain anything from doing so?

Not really, this cultural practice, that in so many ways represents the ring theory present in so many act of fantasy and fiction, is part of a larger, overwhelming problem facing humanity: Complacency. In this case, change, in order to change the unknown into the known, which is a system of oligarchic capitolism where the working class feels like they are being represented, but in truth is anything but.

The above podcast goes into detail on how one man, almost single handedly riled up the alt-right into a fervor by stimulating feelings and emotions, to which the lay person must rely on if not educated otherwise, into thinking that a corrupt candidate, was worse than a corrupt businessman. This should not happen, but when 1/3 of the population has a bachelors degree in a world where existence without further education is not feasible is beginning to present its results.

I fear for my fellow human being, that the worse has yet to come…


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