What Thanks Should be Given

The Art of the Argument:

The exchange known as an argument is perhaps the foundation upon which humanity has taken both great strides forward, and committed astonishing atrocities. On the other hand, the lack of a civil discourse, is without equal the greatest act of tyranny upon which a people can be suffered. It is via the exchange of opposed ideas, that one truly finds herself, and ultimately better understands, or daringly comes to love her neighbor. Taking such into consideration, there is an argument which the all of the peoples of the United States of America, and ultimately the world community at large is responsible for having. However, until that time comes to bear witness, I will take the mantle to fight for the following cause: Dethrone the imperialistic, ethnocentric holiday known as Thanksgiving, and in it stead build the foundation upon where, as a race of united peoples, we can begin the greatest opus of our time: Indigenous Peoples Recognition Day.


There is nothing supporting the proposed idea of a great feast between the indigenous peoples of the East Coast and Euro-Americans other than lies and perpetuated falsity. Those whom came via great ship to this land invaded the indigenous inhabitants territory, spreading disease and oppressive ideology, forcing what discourses and disagreements there were between tribes to be enlarged. Promising great reward for helping establish civilization only to receive very little or nothing in return.Within a century of the first arrival of Euro-Americans to the Americas, nearly 95% of the Indigenous population was deceased, via disease and violence mostly.

Thankfully UnderstandingPrejudice.org has an entire website dedicated to the plight of the First Nations peoples.

For those whom think it is a problem of the past, tune into Democracy Now! for their continued coverage of the Water Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Democracy Now!

We owe it to these amazingly brilliant, and ever evaporating cultures to do what we all as Americans can do to resolve this serious issue.

I am thankful for those whom have survived and continued to prosper their ways of life. It is our diversity that makes us stronger.


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