Failure to Disseminate

A continuation of an Anthropological Perspective on The 2016 Election…

There is always hope…

A lone young man, grown away from the calamities of the civilized world, discovers he is part of something bigger. First refusing to see his capacity, his capabilities, ignoring the wisdom of a wizened sage of sorts, he becomes the hero he was meant to be; destroying the Death Star, and saving the galaxy from a future of perpetual enslavement to fear.

That’s just Star Wars right? How could that possibly be associated to recent events in reality…

Unifying themes dominate human society, throughout its existence, be it good versus evil, hope over despair, chaos over entropy, there is something to all of this that binds us all together: The need to matter perhaps?

Politics falls prey to the boundaries of humanity, as much as any other creation there of. Where there is great strides, there is more and more potential for a fall from grace. President Donald J. Trump can be seen as an epitome of this scenario. What remains, is if you are one whom defies to accept what is now to be seen as reality,  begs one to take action in response.

However, action takes from the human condition, and sets into motion more than just what the planners have foreseen. The alt-right can be exposed as a reaction to far left liberal policies that over the past decade have been sneaking into the centralist democratic party that saw the rise of Barack Obama. So what do we learn from the anthropological study of the peoples that tell stories, what can we glimpse from them that could potentially help the now? perhaps there is something indeed…

The rebellion in Star Wars rises up in response to the First Galactic Empire, in an attempt to restore peace and freedom, to fight enslavement and tyranny. However, to the trained mind, one only sees one evil (galactic Empire), that has replaced another (The Grand Republic), threatened to be replaced perhaps by a new evil (The New Republic, or the Rebellion), one less known, and less understood than either of the two before hand. Though it is easy to focus on the evils of a system of governance, it is vital to do so, to understand and come to appreciate those whom suffer at its hand.

In this recent times, the Obama administration, and the Democratic party almost in full failed to recognize that the populous to which they clung to dearly in the past (white, median income, un-educated peoples) was drifting further and further from their ideological association. Why? Because fear was being introduced, irrational, unfounded fear of a black president whom cared little for their precious white privilege and lively hood. Sadly, the fallacious truth behind this fear, was drowned out by emotional pleas to this minority of Americans, and started what is now their dominance in every branch of the U.S. Federal Government. Fear is a powerful tool, yet when used bluntly, as was during this election cycle, offers a lot of insight into how it can be countered and redirected in a manner by which benefits all.

What we do, defines who we are…

To better ourselves, our station, our potential and our future, we must first understand each other. This is the ultimate failure of the Democratic, and yes Republican party, they fail to understand the future of this country, and dare I say our planet is switching to the millenial generation, if that’s something you ascribe to.

So here is what we do:

We cannot change a system – one that never had our understanding of each other like we do – We must define it. Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders campaign of the masses giving little to fuel a movement shows that we can only hope to thrive against the system that refuses to address change. So, we must change the system in its entirety in order to change it for the betterment of the human condition.

  1. Create a name, a badge, a movement to unite under. The current ones do us no justice, and represent their current flawed system of corrupt, money-liable governance.
  2. Run for all local offices, of any sort, be it in a local college, or a community position. Fear not the chance of failure, we must learn from our defeats.
  3. Remain loud when those whom disagree attempt to silence us. We will face opposition from all sides.
  4. Accept those whom deny our cause, empathize with their cause, and accept that not everyone will see the world as we do. Explain and address the needs that we fight for are not likely to affect the present, but will set into motion a better future.
  5. Run for state and federal positions, following previous protocols.
  6. Free the masses to education of all levels, change the system to one of technological advancement, where individual students needs are assessed. Proclaim educators as our heroes, and reward them justly. Never stop educating, and establish that all areas of focus, be them liberal arts or S.T.E.M. are important to our culture, and future.
  7. Embrace, propagate and support the science that Global warming is of great threat to our future generations, that if we fail to act now, we can not hope to have a better tomorrow.

There is much more… to making a better tomorrow… today… Stay tuned, and please feel free to comment.


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