The Tales of Terrak: Player Campaign Setting

The Tales of Terrak:

Isle of Refuge

Another Meisenology Production by:

Nathan Allen Meisenbach


Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Player Campaign Setting:

Version 2.4

Updated 08/2/2017

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This is a guide to the peoples and things that call home or hail from the Isle of Refuge, which is contained within the larger setting of Terrak. For more information please contact the author directly or please comment.

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Terrak is a large, old world, covered mostly in vast ocean, broken apart by an archipelago system. The largest continent, Terrak Major is vastly uninhabited wastelands of the deep south, few have traveled there, and none return. Terrak Minor – lying north of the equator, mildly tropical in regions mostly arid – is the second largest land mass makes up the population center for most terrestrial species before the Goblins Wars, where after, most races are spread out across the myriads of smaller islands that can be navigated to across the world.

Far to the west of Terrak Minor lies a long string of islands referred to as the Shipwreck Path, where amongst the beauty of the semi-tropical expanse of small islands is a countless amount of wrecked vessels of various type. For millenia peoples of Terrak attempted to find new solace among the islands, only to find doom amongst the barely navigable waters.

The Isle of Refuge is the largest land mass to the west of Terrak Minor ever discovered. Home to the Gnomes, Thrii-Kreen, Rakshasa, Wilden and Goliaths, it is a small diverse island, that for thousands of years celebrated peace and prosperity among its localities.


The Goblin War brought people desperate to flee destruction upon the neighboring islands and the shores of the Isle of Refuge itself. Out of compassion and generosity, hearing tales of death and demise the denizens of the Isle took up the call and became a beacon by which so may found refuge. Those times are now gone, as rumors of an ancient dark power grows once again, this time far closer to home for many than ever before…

Basic Playable Races:


Humans on the Isle can trace their lineage back to a few hundred original migrants from the main land of Terrak, fleeing from the devastation of the Goblin war. Those that survived on the Isle were tough, rugged, but trusting people, whom earned the ear of the local inhabitants and work hard to maintain a working relationship with all who share the few resources made available.


The Dwarves of the Isle are a the long lost relations to a large group of Dwarves that originally departed Terrak in great ships, more machine than anything else, looking for a new safe home. Sadly, few survived the entire journey, and none of the great vessels remain working, but the hulking remains of them can be seen strewn across the east coast of the isle, where most fell prey to treacherous rocky waters. Shorter than their mainland cousins, they are quick to form bonds and friendships, and eager to journey when given the opportunity, unlike their kin, they prefer above ground dwellings.


There are few elves on the island, those whom were able to survive the eradication of their species on the mainland found themselves spread all over oceania. Bitter, and cold the Elves of the Isle tend to be calculating, and worthy allies when they agree to service.


The Elflings of the Isle outnumber the elves almost 10 to 1, with a lack of elves and the usual society and structured kinship rules, elves found themselves pairing off with humans more often.


Half-Orcs are a dying breed on the Isle, incredibly rare to see, encounter or even recognize as most of them are of a more human breed than orc.


The Halflings of the Isle are a distant relation of those from Terrak, much shorter, squat and chubby, these halflings pride themselves in their wit and intelligence, often discoursing in an aggressive manner with one another. They are the lords of logic on the Isle, and never hesitate to educate the other races in their mental superiority.


Dragonborn are found en masse in the ports and coastal cities of the Isle of refuge. Many of which easily find work on ships or amongst the Gnomes and their fantastic mounted flying Rocs, Rivins and falciers. Dragonborn on the Isle tend to keep to their own kind, and are not the friendliest bunch, most of this is in fact a response to humans not trusting species that are, or could possibly be in league with the goblins that sacked their homes.


Tieflings find themselves near isolation on the evening star islands, to the southwest of the main island. They have built a thriving set of industries around the bounties of the sea on these small, but resource rich islands. The Tieflings implement heavy use of the Gnomish technologies, and are rumored to have navigated across the Rim Ocean to the lands of legend to the far West. Though Tieflings often rebuke to this as being just common folk lore.


The Isle of Refuge is indeed the original home territory of the entire gnomish population, which in their tongue is “Idaeilen.” The gnomes of Idaeilen are short, and unusually hairless compared to their stocky mainland cousins. Of most note, is their use of large birds of three major families: Rivins, Falcier and Roc. These birds are taken from a young age from their cliff side, mountainous or forested homes, and trained to either bare riders or to learn a complicated series of whistles and body commands to do the bidding of their terrestrial counterparts. Outsiders see the relationship often as one sided, however, the birds are treated as a member of the trainers family, and often live and serve for multiple generation of handlers. There are many legends of how the Gnome initially trained their impressive aerial steads, though few if any know of the reality behind this mysterious merging. Gnomes live in every city on the Island in some number, and are strongly allied with their long time friends the Wilden and Thri-Kreen, often joining to fight off invasions of terrifying sea creatures.

New Player Character Races for Tales of Terrak: Isle of Refuge

Goliath – Large Earthen Creature


Mostly found in one large city nestled into the large central range on the eastern side of the crescent, where the mountains are rough and ragged, very cliff like. The Goliath make large dwellings deep into the side of mountains, where their small families of matriarchal hierarchy rarely number beyond 8 or 9. All women are called sisters, are men are called brothers. The oldest female is the Wise Sister, and is the governing voice over the community, directing kinship rules and implementing law and order. Appearances can vary greatly based upon the players decision making, such as earthern skin, muscular guardian types or lean, flakey thinker types. Typical age range on the isle is between 100 and 150 years of age.

Stat modifications:

Strength +2, Constitution +2, charisma -2, Dexterity -2

Racial abilities:

Stone Core – resistant to poison effects. Language Goliath, Stone presence – is aware of any other living creature touching the same stone.

Rakshasa – Lion Based Creature


Found primarily in the great dry Savannah plains of the far east of the isle, the Rakshasa have spent a seeming eternity building an empire out of the harsh, dry conditions of the west. Multiple Large Fortresses guard the valuable entry points to their territory, where these lion-people proudly defend their way of life, which to the few outsiders who are welcomed amongst their civilians is quite odd. To many, their way of life would seem utterly backwards, Older members of the society are seen as a menace, and are often removed forcefully from their places in work and social status if they are found to be incompetent, thus younger males are constantly vying for positions held by older males that often take pleasure in putting youths in their place. However, old males which have been upseated are not only removed, they are stripped of their lineage, forbidden from mating and often time excommunicated from their lands, in order to make way for progress, a constant obsession among these cat-like people. The females can hold no titles or land, however, are responsible for all of the education and culture of their tribe. Females are often very subdued, live very long lives, and take as many mates as possible to increase the chance of having a successful male offspring that can achieve status and rank, which in turn can lift a tribe out of their current title and status. Tribes of Rakshasa tend to be around several hundred, and because mating is not restricted among direct members of lineage or kin, there is no easy way of tracking whom is the offspring of what pairs, therefore all Rakshasa take the tribe name as their first name, and their second name is one of their own creation from a young age. Rakshasa are the defenders of their land, it is rare to come across any other than outcast males anywhere else on the isle.

Stat Modification:

Lol ok females get wisdom and constitution plus 2, charisma minus 1, strength minus 2

Strength +2, Dexterity +2, Wisdom -2, Charisma -1


Wisdom +2, Constitution +2, charisma -1, Strength -2

Racial abilities:

Purrsistence – Resistant to intimidation and bluff checks. Language Rak, dark vision 75′.

Wilden – Wood-like creature


Deep to the south, of the isle, most easily seen from the sea, is a dark, tall forest. For centuries the native races to the isle kept well clear of the forest, especially the overgrown, almost tropical peninsula that makes up the furthest south part, where, on a clear windless day, a slight waft of smoke can be seen permeating the canopy and dispersing into the clouds. This is the land of the Wilden, a species of tree-like people that are in almost all ways inherently good, despite the rumors of those who call the isle their home. Wilden will of course defend their forest home with severe brutality if forced, however, they are quick to help lost travelers who have shown respect to their home, providing whatever they can to ease their travels. Wilden do not mate, they are the result of old, powerful earthen magic that accidentally created life. Thus, they are of the forest itself, and separation from the trees and greenery of a forest for an overly extended period of time can often have long term mental health ramifications. The bark skinned people of the forest have no age, and are technically clones of a very specific tree, which helps to give a wilden a unique appearance: Oak wilden have oaken skin, tough and hard, Spruce Wilden are often smaller, spry and lighter skinned, etc. Wilden vary wildly in appearance, size and how they interact with others, players can take a lto of liberties with this race.

Stat Modification:

Hard wood:

Strength +2, Constitution +2, Charisma -4

Soft Wood:

Wisdom +2, Intelligence +2, Charisma -4

Racial abilities:

Tree-kin: can commune once per day with a tree, granting knowledge and wisdom. Natural Armor, natural weapon. Magical creature, dark vision 120′. Language unknown.

Thri-Kreen – Insectoid


From the deep, dark cavernous underbelly of the Isle walks a ferocious looking insectiod of high intelligence. The Thri-Kreen are for most seemingly out of nightmares, yet in reality are a peaceful being, constantly at work to keep the balance of nature and science in harmony. The Thri-Kreen are gracious in nature, formidable in combat and quick thinking, as they have an ability to interface with one another using chemical pheromones, which creates a pseudo-hive-mind state. The ant-kin as they are often referred to thrive on the eastern side of the isle, where large open burrows are cut into the ground, offering ease of access for anyone wishing to learn from or trade with them. There is no real way of determining difference between males and female of the lower caste rank of Thri-Kreen, known as workers, and are semi-intelligent, and very ant like. The commonly encountered rank seen outside of their large underground cities are the centurions, winged, anthropomorphic ant-like, they have four wings which are tucked under plates of exo-skeleton when not in use. Brightly colored wings are common in males, females tend to have larger, much more agile and graceful wings. Individuals of the clan that tend to adventure often paint elaborate schemes on their armor of their quests and victories or successes.

Stat modification :

Int +4, Wisdom -2, Charisma -2

Racial abilities:

Chemical language, Hive Mind tactics, natural armor. Hover ability and jump increased.

New Playable Classes:


Base Class: Rogue / Thief

Hit Die: D8

Primary Stats: Charisma, Dexterity, Wisdom


A charming, fast-action anti-hero that utilizes a one-handed weapon and small shield (called a buckler) fighting strategy to either disarm or out pace / out maneuver her opponents. Swashbucklers are highly regarded and often feared or mistrusted when facing strangers, as they tend to be for-hire combatants.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain Charisma +1.


Basic & Martial one-handed weapons, Bucklers

Light & Medium Armor



Allows the Character to use a buckler as an off-handed weapon, dealing 1d6 + Dex damage, add +1d4 damage if wielding a rapier in main hand.


My name is… you killed my father, prepare to die…

The Swashbuckler forces an intimidation check upon her target, DC = 10 + Level + Cha mod. If failed the target cowers in fear, and is removed from combat for 1d8 + Cha Mod Rounds. The enemy must be able to see and hear the swashbuckler.

Level 2


In Quartata

The Swashbuckler turns her back to her foe, revealing a perceived weakness when in truth feinting with a strong counter attack with weapon and buckler. Swapping places with the opponent and dealing maximum damage. Limited once per combat.

Level 3


We meet again…

The Swashbuckler targets an enemy with a glaring stare, forcing the enemy to go into combat with the swashbuckler, the enemy faces a 1d4 penalty to attacks for 1d4 rounds. The enemy must be able to see and hear the swashbuckler.

Level 4

Stat Gain Charisma +1.



The Swashbuckler gets a +3 to all charisma related checks made out of combat, and is resistant to bluff checks.


Glorious Failure

Once per combat a swashbuckler may re-roll a failed attack taking a -2 to the next roll. If the swashbuckler fails the second attack she must disengage the current target, and say something witty about why she is retreating.

Level 5


Inspired by Beauty

The swashbuckler when in the presence of an ally of the opposite gender receives a passive +1 to attacks and a passive +1 to charisma rolls.


Base Class: Fighter

Primary Stats: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength


Utilizing brutal tactics, and implementing a myriad of fighting style and interesting weaponry, the buccaneer is the fear of many whom travel the sea. Heavily relying on tactics that regard ship to shore battles, Buccaneers need to be strong, fast and be able to take a hit or two.

Level Chart:

Level 1


All Martial weapons with a blade / slashing / piercing damage.

light Armor

Two-Weapon fighting

Stats Gain +1 Constitution.


Bullwark of Blades

While wielding two one handed bladed weapons, a Buccaneer receives a passive +2 to defense.


By My Honor

The Buccaneer charges into battle yelling and inspiring her comrades, giving a +1 to attacks and Defense for rounds equal to the Buccaneers level +3.

Level 2


Defensive Foresight

The Buccaneer takes a quick glance over the opponents and is made ready to defend against whatever comes her way, increasing her defense by the number of enemies currently engaged with.

Level 3


The Best Defense

Buccaneers get an attack bonus equal to the number of enemies engaged with them.

Level 4


Aggressive Negotiations

The Buccaneer makes a loud challenge to all enemies within earshot, they make a DC = Level + 10 + Constitution modifier, if failed they must engage the buccaneer.


Cannon Ball Rush

The buccaneer may charge an enemy, from a minimum 5 foot distance, ignoring all terrain effects if on a ship.

Level 5


Great Leap

The Buccaneer may take great leaps, +5 to all jump checks.

Level 6


Sworn Defender

The Buccaneer may swear to keep one additional member of her party alive, where for 1d8 rounds the characters AC is increased to the amount of that of the buccaneers. The characters must remain within LOS to retain or put into effect this feat.

Level 7


Trumpeted Triumph

The Buccaneer may boastfully taunt a target with its oncoming demise, giving the buccaneer advantage on the target. If the target dies within 2 rounds from this taunt, the buccaneer may restore HP equal to all damage done to that character within the previous 2 rounds.

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10


Base Class: Barbarian

Hit Dice: D12

Primary Stats: Constitution, Wisdom, Dexterity


Cast-aways come from a plethora of backgrounds, what is key is that at some point they found themselves alone surrounded by the sea, jettisoned by their crew, family, what be it, only to be found and taken in by a strange, talking whale known as “The Teacher”. The Teacher, would take the Cast-Away and deliver them to a mysterious small island, where, alongside other talking creatures of legend, the cast-away would learn many mysterious means of survival. From this long term seclusion, Cast-Aways tend to have a few personality quirks, however, on the other end, they have incredible abilities to show for it. Cast-aways can not wear armor of any type, and have no weapon proficiencies other than a dart gun, painstakingly hand crafted from the finest driftwood, or the rope pulley.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain: Constitution +1


Whales Breath

Cast-Aways have a natural affinity for being in the water for extended periods of time, any hold breath checks are given a +10. However, cast-aways also have terrible breath… best not to ask why.


Unnatural, Natural Armor

Cast-Aways dont wear armor, however, they receive 10+Con mod as armor, while garbed in random nautical items collected during their isolation, yes, coco-nut bras are a thing. Imagination is the Cast-aways armorsmith.

Level 2



The cast away make take any rope, even of different types, and magically make them bind into one large rope section.

Level 3



Cast-aways may chose any one item to become bound to, they will in some form attempt to anthropomorphize the object, and will give it a name. This object when carried by the cast-away gives them comfort, and +2 to all save throws and immunity to fear affects. WILSON!!!!!!

Level 4


Gull of the Wild

Cast-aways may call to nearby Sea-Gillens to aid them in their endeavor, adding 3 small bird companions for 1d4 minutes. They can attack for 1d4 damage each. The Cast away can communicate with them using a series of complicated whistles.


Flotsam-Jetsom Fishing

The Cast-away may make an impromptu fishing rod out of any rope materials, and fish for random items from the following chart using a D20:


Random Debris, unusable except as armor


Rope Remnants


A Rusted weapon or item


A bottled potion or elixir


An Item of intrigue

Level 5


Lord of the Ties

The Cast-Away may instantaneously tie a knot or series of knots not exceeding her level +3 in any rope or rope like material, this is a magic based ability.


Base Class: Sorcerer

Hit Dice: d8

Primary Stats: Strength, Wisdom, Charisma


A Life at sea is not for the feint of heart, yet there are some of those whom would chose none other. Rumor has it that Seafarers are born to the sea, and imbue the power of which with great devastation. In truth, seafarers are sorcerers, whom come from a long line of individuals with a trace amount of lineage to Neptulo, a god of the sea that once walked Terrak millennia ago, spawning life wherever he went. Seafarers are strong and dangerous adversaries, yet are usually slow to make action, often pouring painstaking detail into complicated thought.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain: Strength +1


Neptulonian Spell Casting

Allows the character to caste any water or ice spells that are not part of the seafarers regular spell book. Seafarers may caste any spell as a cantrip, however, they are still bound to level restricted spells, and the number of spells allowed to be caste per day / between rests is no longer applied. Seafarers must use fresh sea water in order to caste spells, where as before a caster is limited to a certain amount of spells caste in a certain period of time, a seafarer utilizes the same amount of the reagent: fresh sea water in order to caste spells. Fresh sea water must be kept with the seafarer at all times, and expires after one month of transport in a glass container, 3 weeks in metal and 2 weeks in leather containers. Expired sea water may still be used for spells, but at ½ the damage and ¼ the range of its normal stats, all other numerical factors of a spell using expired sea water is divided in half rounded down. Fresh water does not work, it must be sea water. Use the Sorcerers spell chart / list for a basic run down, each level of a spell is its cost in fresh salt water in equivalent ounces.


Blood Of Neptulo

When in contact with, or within 100’ of the ocean a seafarer regenerates 1d6 HP per round, and is resistant to poison and fear effects. The seafarer adds their strength modifier to all touch attacks, and their wisdom modifier to all other spells cast for their spell attack bonus.

Level 2

Spell Gain:


Type: Touch / Limited Thrown

Level: 2

The seafarer may throw a globule at or touch an object made of metal or stone or living thing, the object takes 3d12 corrosion damage, a living being that is not stone or metal takes 2d4 damage. if the object is destroyed, it evaporates into the atmosphere, if underwater the object sinks to the floor as dust.

Level 3



Once per day a Seafarer may convert up to 6 ounces of fresh water into fresh sea water.

Level 4

Stat Gain: Wisdom +1


From the Deep

Seafarers prefer to not wield weapons or wear armor. Their skin appears to run with water, and their melee strikes appear to be made of a crashing wave. Un-armed attacks deal 2d4 damage and is magical. Their AC is 10+ Str mod + ½ level.

Spell Gain:


Type: Ranged AOE

Level: 4

Seafarers may target an area within 60’with a 5×5 square of tempest. Targets within this area must make a DC save for Dexterity. If caught in the tempest, takes 1d6 Lightning damage, 1d6 ice damage, and 1d6 bludgeoning damage. If cast on the open ocean damage is doubled. Counts as difficult terrain

Level 5

Spell Gain:


Type: Cone Shaped Touch / AOE

Spell Level: 5

The seafarer gathers strength from a large amount of fresh sea water, quickly thrusting both hands out infront of her, a large wave seems to appear from the ground, spreading from the seafarer and extending forward by 1 square, and outwards by 1 square in both lateral directs every round for 1d8 rounds. Enemies caught in the great wave take 4d8 water damage and are knocked prone. This spell requires 1d8 rounds cooldown to be cast again.

Level 6


Will of the Waters

The Seafarer is immune to charm or fear affects when in contact with fresh sea water and can now imbibe fresh sea water to regenerate 2d8 HP.

Level 7

Spell Gain:

Sea Cannon

Type: Channeled Ray

Spell level: 7 + 5 for each additional target

The Seafarer locks onto a visible target and lets loose a whirling cylinder of sea water at break neck speeds, booming from the caster with immense force. The target takes 4d12 damage each round while targeted and is moved back 5 feet. This spell can be channeled to target additional foes, the water jet like ability can bounce from one target to another allowing the Seafarer has enough reagent for the spell level to a maximum of 1/2 casters level targets.


Level 8

Stat Gain: Wisdom +1, Strength +1


Underwater Arcanery

The Seafarer may learn 4 spells from any spell book that are not water related or based / typed, however, they now encompass some sort of water themed aspect. Limitation to spells of level 5 and below for each spell. Each spell learnt this way takes 8 ounces of fresh sea water to cast. Spells chosen must align with the characters alignment choices.

Level 9

Spell Gain:


Type: AOE, water, ice, bludgeoning, piercing

Spell Level: 9 + 2 for each target after 3 targets.

Duration: 1d12 rounds or until canceled

The Seafarer beckons forth the wrath of the ses herself, bestowing upon a 10 x10 square area a whirling maelstrom. All loose objects / persons in the area that weigh less than 500 pounds are immediately thrown in a spiraling direction chosen by the caster. The maelstrom is worsened by a bellowing storm that pummels those caught within, dealing 6d10 damage a round. Dexterity save for 1/2 damage, three consecutive saves and the target escapes the maelstrom. Any living thing caught in the maelstrom is disoriented and prone, is visible from outside the event and is not able to use ranged weapons.

Level 10

Bonus Feat!

Spell Gain:

From the Depths

Spell level 10

Spell Type: Conjuration / AOE

Duration: Permanent until canceled

The Seafarer opens a portal to the blimey deeps beneath her target from which the masses of souls of those lost at sea reach out to take another into their fold, taking up a 3×3 square area where any living object caught in this zone is immobilized. Dexterity, Constitution and wisdom save each round until target is rescued by an ally, each failure generates 1 soul leech point. at 5 points of soul leech the characters soul is pulled into the deeps and the character is deceased, leaving behind an empty shell of a being. The Seafarer may cast this once per long rest, casting of the new portal eliminates the previous one.


Base Class: Cleric

Hit Dice: d8

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution


The Thri-Kreen in all of their great intellect have contributed perhaps one of the greatest abilities to the people of the Isle, a basic form of science known as Alchemy. Alchemists, tend to be loner types, spending much of their time in deep research, often at great personal peril, in order to discover the working ways of the 4 Alchemerials: Liquid, Solid, Gas, light. Employing complicated mechanisms, simple salves, curious stones and bags of captured gasses to help in their endeavor, alchemists can heal the wounded, or leach life from the living.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain: Intelligence +1

Proficiency: Bottle lobber


Concentrated Study

Alchemists must spend incredible amounts of time and focus in order to create new, or perfect existing recipes. Therefore, alchemists rarely specialize in more than one alchemerial. A level one Alchemist must chose one of the alchemerials from the following:


Contained in or type

Effect examples

Liquid Flask, Jar, Bottle Healing, or Control
Solid Pouch Explosive Damage, blunt damage
Gas Cylinder Corrosives, blinding
Light Vial Healing or Damage


Level 1 Recipes:

Liquid: Simple Salve – Target hit by or using container recovers 1d6 HP for 1d4 rounds

Solid: Brimstone – Target hit by stone takes 2d4 damage and is stunned for 1 round

Gas: Salt Vapor – Target hit by or exposed to cylinder takes 1d4 damage for 2 rounds

Light: Ray of Sunlight – Evil Character takes 1d6 damage or Good Character recovers 1d6 HP

All level 1 recipes require 1d6 hours of experimentation to create 1d4 containers of the chosen alchemerial from above. Each container at level one has 1 use. Requires Alchemists tool kit, and mobile or stationary lab.

Level 2


Exigent Experiment

An Alchemist can attempt to hastily prepare a recipe in battle, the recipe takes 1 round for each container, and is a concentration ability. Recipes created this way are not entirely stable, and will expire in 1d10 rounds after created. Requires Alchemists tool kit, and mobile lab.

Level 3


Level 2 Recipes:

Liquid: Viscous Oil – Target area to disperse oil in a 3×3 square pattern. Difficult Terrain, knocked prone

Solid: Ferrous Stone – Target hit by stone takes 1d12 damage

Gas: Smoke Bomb – Target creates blinding / suffocating gas in a 3×3 square. 1D4 damage a round

Light: contained moon beam – Evil Character restores 1d8 HP or Good Character takes 1d8 Damage

Level 4

Stat Gain: Intelligence +1


Devious Derivation

Alchemists may attempt to identify the alchemical contents of any object that inherently has some sort of alchemerial construction. If successful the alchemist has a 33% chance of extracting the alchemerial in 1d6 containers and the object is destroyed if it is of the same area of study as the alchemists, otherwise the object is destroyed without gaining any materials. This is a magic ability, and requires the alchemist to touch the object. Can be used in combat, and is instantaneous in effect.



The alchemist can spend 2d6 hours developing a new reagent and recipe storage kit. If successful, the experiment goes terribly wrong, resulting in a strange opening between realms within a small wooden box. Once per day the alchemist may open the box and reach inside, giving her a 5% chance to pull an alchemerial recipe from a different realm that the alchemist may use even though not educated in that field of study.

Level 5


Level 3 Recipes:

Liquid: Tuber Extract Oil – Target Regenerates 1d8 HP over 1d4 rounds

Solid: Amalgamated Mercurial – Target Takes 1d4-1 Int Damage and 1d4-1 damage

Gas: Phosgene Gas – Target takes 1d12 damage

Light: Neon – Target erupts into flame, dealing 1d10 fire damage, blinded 1d4 rounds


Base Class: Wizard

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Constitution, Wisdom


The Gnomes of Idaeilen incorporate a stunning amount of technology in their everyday lives, the artificer takes this to unfounded levels. Known for their intricate clockwork, and the bizarre pulley-works devices, artificers rely on innovation to get the job done. Often artificers are not the most out going people, tending to stay in and work on their complicated contraptions.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain: Intelligence +1

Proficiencies: All non-class specific weapons and armors native to the Isle of Refuge

Artificers Tool Kit, Artificers Backpack, Artificers Clockwork Armor



An artificer may attempt to repair any handheld, small, or tiny synthetic creation, or device in 1d4 rounds with a 25% success chance at level 1. Going up by 5% every additional level to a maximum 95% threshold.


Create Clockwork Familiar

An artificer may make any small or tiny creature in a clockwork form, the familiar is a permanent companion, has the same stats as its living form. Each attack has a 10% chance of resulting in the familiar bursting into pieces requiring repair to be used again. Creating the familiar takes 1d6 hours, and 10gp of materials. A level 1 Artificer has a maximum of 1 familiar, increasing by 1 every 3 additional levels.

Level 2



The Artificer may attempt to rig any weapon as a clock work or pulley-works weapon in addition to its normal type. Increasing damage by 1d6 base. A level 2 Artificer has a 25% chance to successfully rig a weapon increasing every even level by 5% to a maximum 75% threshold. The weapon has a 10% chance upon use to explode into pieces if clockwork, or for the ropes to burst in a pulley-works system. This takes 1d12 hours for a one handed weapon, 2d12 for a two-handed weapon.

Level 3



An artificer may attempt to find a weak point in any object, including but not limited to arms and armor. The Artificer concentrates on the object using a myriad of devices to attempt to identify the weakness, taking 1d4 rounds to identify. When Identified the object information is known, how to break it is known.

Level 4

Stat Gain: Intelligence +1



The artificer can take any item apart to appropriate pieces for her kit. Takes at least 1 hour per size category of the device. Rewarding 10 pieces per hour maximum 10 pieces per item size. The object is destroyed in the process.


Ingenious Ingenuity

An Artificer may create one of the following, taking 10d6 hours and 100gp in materials:

– Flying machine – Speed 25, Medium Object, uses cogs and pulleys to spin a whirling device on top allowing the artificer to fly through the air for short periods of time (10 minutes)

– Horseless Carriage – speed 50, large object, uses cog driven wheels and a pulley steering system to traverse non difficult terrain. Carries up to 4 people, or 1 driver and 3 mechanisms.

– Underwater Courier – speed 15, small object, a series of ropes and pulleys controlling a cog based propeller system that drives the artificer through the water at incredible speed.

Level 5


Advanced Repair

An artificer may attempt to repair any medium or larger synthetic creation, or device in 1d8 rounds with a 40% success chance at level 5. Going up by 5% every additional level to a maximum 95% threshold.


Base Class: Ranger

Primary Stats: Dexterity, Strength, Charisma

Hit Dice: D8


Wing-Riders are the few whom gain enough trust with a winged ally, which in turn allows her to ride the great beast. Flying to great heights, swooping down from above to almost silently ambush their prey, it is a true symbiotic relationship, rider and bird working together, Often revered by the Isle’s denizens, Wing-Riders are a special breed, requiring a long earned bonding with their companion. Wing-Riders implement few weapons while riding, other than a long hauberk or other reach weapon, rarely a few managed to utilize ranged weapons while mounted. Players may chose a Roc, a Rivin, or a Falcien or Ouhl as their companion, each one has its own unique weapon / combat set.

Level Chart: A Roc is a large formidable eagle, proud and elegant, often chosen by those whom seek or are driven by power. A Rivin is a large, cackling Raven, often chosen by those whom take joy in taunting their foes. A Falcien is a large, nimble falcen, capable of unmatched speed and dexterity in flight, often chosen by those whom are eager to fly circles around their opponents. The Ouhl is the rarest, and most mysterious of the ride-able winged allies, they fly seemingly silently, and employ stealth over directness, often chosen by those who wish to strike without being seen.

Level 1

Stat Gain: Dexterity +1

Proficiency: All Medium armor, all martial and simple weapons. Player chosen Wing-rider weapon


Academy Veteran

The Wing-Rider survived the arduous cliff-side academy on the Isle of Refuge in a grandiose manner. All mounted check penalties are eliminated when the Rider is using its chosen Wing. Otherwise, the Wing-Rider most train on a specific mount type.


Soaring Over Terrak

A Wing-Rider may fly its chosen winged ally a maximum of 200’ a round, movement in any direction in addition to its primary trajectory is counted in addition to the movement on its vector.

Level 2



A Wing-Rider may make a swift moving fly-by attack on ground targets with their weapon that deals normal weapon damage, in addition knocking the target prone.

Level 3



A Wing-Rider may now employ his winged ally to grasp onto a medium or large ally and carry them for 1d6 rounds. The ally must willingly accept the ride.

Level 4

Stat Gain: Dexterity +1


Death Drop

The Wing-Rider may attempt to coerce his winged ally to grab an opponent of small or medium size, then fly them to a height and drop them, causing massive damage. The player must successfully make a grapple check with her mount, and maintain it throughout the action. Watch out below!


Scout Ahead

The Wing-Rider may attempt to make his ally scout in advance for the party, the winged ally will convey simple yes or no answers.

Level 5



The Wing-Rider may heal 2d8 HP to its winged ally, once per combat, requires short rest in between attempts.

Falciener / Riviner / Rocer / Ouhler “Wing-speaker”

Base Class: Druid

Primary Stats: Charisma, Wisdom, Constitution

Hit Dice: D6


The implementation of a flock of birds as a tool or weapon is the defining feature of this class. Swarming their foes with scratching Falciens, deafening the caster with a barrage of screaming Rocs, and using wise Rivins to disarm or pick clean your foe, some even tell tales of dozens of silent Ouhls descending from above to reek silent terror open their foes. Often referred to as a Wing-Speaker, they have the ability to commune via a concentrated ritual, leaving themselves vulnerable to their surroundings.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Proficiency: Light Armor, Simple weapons

Stat Gain: Charisma +1


Winged Companions

The Wing-Speaker at level one may call up to 3 winged companions, once per day. If a winged companion is killed the wing-speaker must wait until a long rest to call a new one in its place. Each Winged companion has 1d6 hit points, has a talon attack that deals 3d4 damage and screech attack that deals 1d4 damage and can stun an opponent for 1 round, DC 15 constitution save. Rocs are an incredible sight to be seen, and inspire their taimers to +2 to attacks. Rivins also may try to pick shiny objects off of an opponent requiring a pickpocket attempt. Falciens may dive at incredible speeds, disarming and disorienting their opponents. Ouhls may make a stealth check to make all of their attacks count as stealthed, dealing extra critical damage and extending their critical range to 19-20.

A Wing Speaker gains Additional Companions, and ability increase as she levls:






# 0f Companions 4 6 7 8
Roc Abilities Screech +2 Talon +3 Screech +4 Talon +6
Rivin Abilities Pickpocket +2 Pickpocket +3 Pickpocket +4 Pickpocket +5
Falcien Abilities Dive-bomb +2 Talon +3 Dive-bomb +4 Talon +6
Ouhl Abilities Stealth +2 Stealth +3 Stealth +4 Crit range 18-20

Keele Mender-Shaman

Base Class: Cleric / Druid

Hit Dice: D8

Primary Stats: Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength


Deep in the rocky caverns of Keeleresh Point lies the remains of a long forgotten people, their lasting hallmark being a strange site, strewn with artifacts and gleaming with energy. There are those few whom hear the bellowing wail coming from this harrowed point, where many are too afraid to tread. Ignoring the call eventually leads to madness, those whom answer open themselves to the power of the Keelere shaman stone, forever binding them to its will. Devoid of emotion, and left a barren husk of their previous life, the new shaman emerges as a drone to the stone, tasked with restoring the balance of nature to the above world. These shamans employ a wide and varied means to soothe those whom suffer from the faults of the above, such as material greed, and the like.

Level Chart:

Level 1

Stat Gain: Wisdom +1

Proficiency: All Keeleresh Weapons and Armors


Life Leech

As a main action, A Keele Mender-Shaman may exchange hit points from one target to another, equal to the Shamans level +2, A character may not die from this effect. The shaman can gain 0 HP from this, which has no effect.


Life Detect

A Keele Mender-Shaman may attempt to detect if there are any living things within 300yards of her. DC 18 Wisdom. A fail may result in false positives.

Level 2


Soul of the Stone

The shaman has an uncanny ability to resist any attempts made to control her mind or soul, from any source type. Empowered by the masses of the Stone, they not only resist but fight back. Adds 1d12 to any check made to resist a mind control effect and does the same amount in psyonic damage to the infiltrator.

Level 3


Unbroken Will

The Shaman is unwavering in its loyalty to the Stone, and whatever purpose it has for its pupil. Such devotion can be manifested in almost supernatural abilities to help the shaman overcome obstacles. All Skill checks receive a +2 bonus while in the favor of the Stone.

Level 4

Stat Gain: Wisdom +1


The Stones Bidding

Once per day the shaman may beseech the allmighty stone to assist in any one action or activity, granting the player 2 additional dice of the type for any roll that the player makes a decision to use. Every time the shaman does this, the character begins to turn more and more onyx stone colored in appearance.


Unbowed Defense

The Shaman receives a +6 to AC for attuning to the stone, requires a 1d4 hour ritual to be performed, or the player may commune with the Stone and ask for a favor, which grants the player a +2d6 to her life-leech abilities.

Level 5


Unbent Focus

The Shaman may focus her will on one target, causing Terrak itself to join her cause. The Target must be visible, takes 4d12 bludgeoning damage from an onslaught of stones being thrust at the target.

New Weapons!


Damage type: explosive / piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Large, Specialized Melee Ranged

Damage radius: 2 five foot squares in a line.

Save: Dexterity (saved for half)

Damage: 2d10


Invented by the ever crafty Gnomes along side Thri-Kreen alchemists. The Boom stick is a single shot explosive cap on the end of a large pike. The user pulls a string attached to an actuator that strikes a flint to ignite the incendiary compounds at the end of the pike, which explodes outwards in a line, blowing shrapnel in a single direction much akin to scatter shot. The device can be used again if the end cap is replaced, taking 1d4 hours if player is an artificer, 4d4 hours if not with a 25% chance of explosion upon preparing.


Damage type: explosive / piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Permanent mounted large, specialized artillery

Damage radius: Ranged, 5 cross-hair squares hit pattern

Damage range: 60 feet accurate

Save: Dexterity (saved for half)

Damage: 5d12


The standard armament on most vessels prepared to defend themselves, a single shot, front loading swivel cannon utilizing alchemical charges and artificers clockwork mechanisms. This weapon is large, takes up an entire 5 foot square, and must be reloaded, a process taking 2-5 minutes requiring specific training. There is a 1-5% chance with each shot the cannon will explode with each shot. The cannon is packed with an explosive cocktail, then loaded with 1 foot long metal rods known as rails. When the mechanism is struck with a clockwork firing hammer the rails are launched at a high velocity, striking an enemy ship and piercing through its hull.


Damage type: Ranged Piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Large 2 hand, Specialized

Damage range: 120 feet

Damage: 1d8 per bolt


A crossbow with two pull strings, mounted perpendicular to one another, each one when loaded bearing 2 bolts riding independent rails for a maximum of 4 shots with a single pull of the trigger. Artificers developed the weapon with a clockwork loading mechanism that auto retracts taking 1 round, requiring a movement action to load with 4 bolts. A devastatingly accurate weapon, from a more civilized time.

Roc-Chain Claw

Damage type: piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Medium, 1 hand Melee

Damage: 1d12


Wing-Riders whom are chosen by a Roc are given a Chain Claw when they reach maturity, a simple weapon of a 4-6’ chain topped with a razor sharp claw, allowing the rider to strike at nearby foes doing horrendous damage. Enemies hit with the claw take 1d4 damage per hit stacking bleeding damage per round until healed.

Falcien-sweeping blade

Damage type: slashing

Weapon Size / Classification: Medium, 1 hand

Damage: 1d10


Wing-Riders whom are chosen by a Falcien are given a Sweeping-blade when they reach maturity, a simple weapon of a 3-4’ long metal rod affixed with a large 3-4’ foot thin curving blade, allowing the rider to strike at nearby foes when mounted dealing substantial damage. Critical Range modifier 18-20.

Rivin wing battery

Damage type: Bludgeon

Weapon Size / Classification: medium, 1 hand

Save: Constitution

Damage: 2d6


Wing-Riders whom are chosen by a Rivin are given a Wing Battery when they reach maturity, a simple weapon of magnetic stones attached via strands of toughened leather, attached to the Rivin utilizing a harness of leather, when given a specific command the Rivin buffets its wings, swinging the stones around swiftly, under the control of the rider. When two stones contact they make a brilliant flash and a blinding light, a DC12 Constitution save reduces hearing loss and blindness to one round, otherwise 1d4 rounds occur.

Ouhl Sling

Damage Type: Blunt

Weapon Size / Classification: Small 1 handheld

Save: Wisdom

Damage: 1d8


Wing-Riders whom are chosen by a Ouhl are given a sling when they reach maturity, a simple weapon of

leather, afixed with a pouch on one end capable of carrying multiple stones for launching at a foe. Deadly accurate and silent, the sling is a simple but formidable weapon.

Bottle Lobber

Damage type: Depends on Alchemical formulation.

Weapon Size / Classification: Ranged, two handed

Damage range: 45 Feet

Save: Depends on Alchemical formulation.

Damage: Depends on Alchemical formulation.


Designed with the Thri-Kreen in mind, this is a contraption of wooden design with a tightly wound cord wrapping around from the front to the rear, The back is held with one hand, while the other pulls a release that lobs a preloaded container.

Clock Work Recurve Bow

Damage type: Piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Large, 2 Handed Ranged

Damage range: 100’

Damage: 2d8


A large recurve bow automated with a gnomish clockwork system to auto load and set the bow string, just aim and pull the trigger. Bow comes with attached quiver that has slots for 12 arrows. Refilling the quiver takes 2 movements or one round which ever is greater.

Pulley Punch

Damage type: Bludgeoning

Weapon Size / Classification: Large 2 handed, melee

Damage radius: 5’ reach

Damage: 2d4


From a distance the belt appears to be nothing more than a series of intertwined straps, wrapped together at the front with 2 large stones, the belt has symmetrical pulleys. When the user unties the front stones, and spins the stones overhead, the pulleys allow retraction and extension of the stones, acting like a sling that never needs refilling. Great care needs to be taken when using this weapon, or else great injury can be self-sustained.

Spirit-infused Staff

Damage type: Blunt

Weapon Size / Classification: Large 2 Hand, Melee

Save: Wis (save for soul leech)

Damage: 1d8 (base melee damage)


A simple staff constructed of polished stone, appearance is akin to a core sample from a large section of stone. The rod is imbued with the power of the Keelere shaman stone, when the staff strikes an opponent, upon save fail the target takes 1 karma point. If any target gets 5 karma points they are drained of their soul, causing immediate death, empowering the staff with the victims soul, which can be used to regenerate the shamans health by hit points equal to their level + 2. This is the only weapon a Keele Mender-Shaman is allowed to use, it levels with the shaman as followed:









Ranged 50 feet visible

Ranged + Touch

Save DC

½ Level + Wis Mod

Level + Wis Mod

1.5 * Level + Wis Mod

3 * Level + Wis Mod


Basic Staff

Staff separate into 2

Staff Emits Ranged Burst

Staff is imbued with Shaman






Driftwood Dart-Gun

Damage type: Piercing

Weapon Size / Classification: Small, one hand ranged

Damage range: 60’

Save: Constitution (saved for half)

Damage: 1d4 per dart


The simple weapon of the cast-away. Fashioned from the burnt out husk of driftwood. A basic weapon that allows the user to shoot an amount of darts equal to their level +2 a round. The Darts can be dipped in varying solutions to make them venomous.


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