The Thrilling story continues…

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The Tales of Terrak: Player Campaign Setting

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The Tales of Terrak: Isle of Refuge Players Companion


Centuries have past since the finality of the Goblin Wars, and much has changed in Terrak…

Where once there was a peace to which spread across the lands, eventually a darkness arouse from the deep. Engulfing the land, poisoning the waters and defiling the living, where light had once permeated, bringing hope to the people, now only darkness, chaos and evil in its many forms takes hold.

Great cities of man, spread wide across the rolling hills, bridging deep rivers and holding fast against the tide of nature were taken from below, as multitudes of raging, formidable goblinoids reeked havoc upon the masses. Un-prepared for an assault of such magnitude, many perished in the initial onslaught, once great avenues of trade and social progress, smelling of the days finest catch and baking bread, for a time smelt of rotting flesh and echoed the grieve of the slain. Mercilessly the Goblins left none from the slaughter, man woman and child alike had throats slit, hamstrings cut and chests cleaved, blood and viscera flowed along the streets, left empty, barren, devoid of life as the goblins retreated to their subterranean holds. Now, a quiet, desolate land, and rank with dangers, the great cities and constructions of man are left to be scavenged by the daring, at great peril.

The Elvish western lands faced the worst of all, entire forests burned to the ground, catching animal, living trees and wood elves alike; choking from smoke, the deep dark forests of Entden became a living inferno. Drawn from the calamity imps and long forgotten demons of fire and death arose from the fury, The elves, overwhelmed by the immediacy of the Goblin incursion fought bravely against wave after wave of the creatures, only to be caught up in the blazing inferno brought to its climax by marching, slithering, underlings of the realm of chaos. Where once stood tall towers, and brilliant fortresses of antiquity, now laid the ashes of a decimated race; green turned to black, dormant mountainous volcanoes awoke with vigor, spewing brimstone, acrid gasses and pouring lava to further defile the lands of the West. Long forgotten sites of past wars rustled with movement, as the dead, with reckless abandon pulled themselves from their buried graves, wandering aimlessly in search of their once proud lands, some venturing north into Delak Dun, feasting on the flesh of dead Goblin and Elf alike. The Greater Elvish Westlands, once the image of such prominent beauty and life, now is the blackened husk of what once could have been so much, only death and its demonic followers call it home. What magic, treasure, and secrets of a once great and prosperous society now lies defended by darkness itself.

The Dwarves, ever intent to recover the secrets of their glorious past dug deep below Iron Mound, only to find at best the rare lifeless tome of those whom had not the means of escaping the fall of the great mountain. A great depression swept across the rank and file, and the ever increasing Goblin attacks took a physical and emotional toll. It started small, individual members of the engineer corps or even military would wander into a random dark cavern, never to be seen again, only occasionally the sound of a scream or weeping voice could be discerned above the constant hum of the underdark. A young, strong willed Dwarf took the opportunity to raise a movement, the likes of which had never been accomplished by their kin: Migration to a new land. Split amongst the conservative ideology of old, and the youthful spirit of the migrationists, infighting amongst the various clans and families became constant and violent. Thousands would perish, and even more would fall, as hordes of Goblins flooded from the dark below, cackling madly as they discovered to their delight that the stubborn Dwarves had done most of the work for them, as they were caught up in the throngs of civil war. Though many would breathe there last, there were a few who escaped, marshalled by this young mysterious Dwarf to head West, to the coast, and eventually across the great sea upon great ships of mechanism, to where opportunity, and freedom hailed.

Baledun would prosper greatly for a time, refugees from the war poured into the city and made for easy targets; crime lords, slavers, taskmasters, religious zealots and gangs took what, or whom they could in the name of progress. Most perished in the mines or were discarded down dark alley ways, forgotten fodder of a broken system. Old Grey Scale, on his last breathe damned the denizens and spread rumor of a hidden cache of his greatest treasure. Thousands put boots to the streets in search there of, murders spiked, violence became the norm and officials spent thousands of gold coins in desperate, fleeting attempts to find the treasure. Leaderless, many vied for power, gang wars ran rampant, corpses piled high, resulting in the mines used to dispose of the dead reaching capacity, and the rotten, entrails laden bodily fluids and decomposed organic materials leeched into the cities water supply, already taken to the brink of toxicity by the industrious progress of Baledun. Within weeks, thousands died, within years, as the last few survivors struggled to forage for food and drinkable water, Baledun became a crumbling reminder of what once was… With Old Grey Scales treasure buried somewhere deep within the literal ghost town.

The wilderness of Latvar was a safe haven to most for a time, as the rest of Terrak burned, or had the dead march over, the great trees and formidable prowlers of the dark wild kept even the hordes of goblins at bay. But eventually all great lands of sanctuary must fall. With the downfall of the civilized world, the merchants and traders Latvar had become so desperate on for supplies came to a halt, requiring the half-orcs and their allies to fend from the land on their own. Tensions ran high, and fights that lead to a murderous end became the norm, as those afraid to lose what little they had destroyed those whom had what they wished. With each death the darkness crept closer, the wilderness grew deeper, and the trials and paths once easily view able to those whom frequented them became overgrown with brambles and thickets, trees arched wearily over, blocking the sun and engulfing the terrain in darkness day and night. Giant creatures of lore returned from legend to haunt the night, cries of where-beasts and arachnids pursued those foolish enough to venture out, witches and ghouls preyed on the week minded, and trolls took to boiling they prey alive to make soup. Now, the Latvar is in perpetual darkness, void of hope, and blanketed in the eerie silence only a dark forest can inspire in the imagination. Yet… as can be glimpsed from leagues away, rose a tower of brilliant emerald green, which can be seen humming with light as darkness falls over Terrak. Whom or what has taken to the forests of Latvar as home, and what secrets can be derived from within the mysterious tower?

Terrak is in the grasp of darkness… will you take the call to adventure, and right the wrongs of the past, giving hope to those whom hide in fear?


Will you take to discovering what secrets and plunder are yours to be found? The opportunity to explore and conquer has never been as clear as now.

Venture forth brave heroes, and continue to write the Tales of Terrak: Isle of Refuge!

In the next thrilling set of adventures, players will confront:

A new starting Zone, ripe with unique and engaging adventures!

New Hero NPC’s, survivors of the great war!

Mysterious, yet beautiful deserted isles…

Pirates, swashbucklers, buccaneers, privateers, sea faring and nautical themes…

Darkness and evil as never seen across the land…

Incredible magic and items which draw upon the realms of arcana…

The New Guardian of Terrak!

Giant Riding birds: Rocs, Falciers, Rivins!

Stay Tuned, and plan ahead, this adventure will demand much, but reward great!


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