The 2016 U.S. Election: An Anthropological Perspective

This is a time of dissent, disagreement and obvious discourse among the American populace, or so it would seem…

There has been a lot of discussion in the digital realm in regards to the outcome that so few saw coming: The 45th elected president of the United States of America being Donald Trump. Press consultants, political party pundits and many others were caught seemingly off-guard by the late night results of the Democratic Political Process to which this country holds so dear. Though so much is said, and so many opinions pined in response to the event which has brought fear to the lives of so many, as experts of their field employee what long garnished experience they have in order to explain the apparently in-explainable.


There is a simple and profound reason for the events that transpired within the last 24 hours, and all it takes is a little glimpse into the realm of what is known as the anthropological perspective, which in and of itself is the study of humanity in all places and all times. For the sake of this perspective lets go back a few months…

It was the end of the primaries, another glaring loss for the Democratic process, where the outstanding nominees for each party were established, and the surprise winner of the Republican process was the aforementioned Donald Trump, where upon taking an in-depth analysis of the state of the Morale for each political party, I made an observation: “Donald Trump is going to win this contest.” How could I have known, and what does this mean?

Simply put, the Trump Pathos had won over the logos of the audience in general, had played into the hands of pulling off another theft of the White House by setting into motion possibly the greatest political blunder of our time: Mass Disenfranchisement.

With the loss of the progressive movement, championed by one Bernie Sanders, a candidate riding on the wave of the most incredible populous regimes of modern U.S. history, a void had been created in the voter base: The Millenial was without a choice. With his loss, came the downfall of the 2016 campaign for the Clintons, where even minor issues of email security, would carry on with her for months. Yet why?

The numbers speak for themselves.The turn out, or the comparison of the actual number of voters going to the polls as compared to the Voting Age Population, is the key indicator of the state of the U.S. electoral system: Oligarchical Fraud in a sense, where a small, less than majority system is responsible for the selection of the one governing individual, and the masses of congressional representatives that direct and mandate governance over the masses. A quick google search into voter turn out history in the U.S. shows that in the last 10 presidential elections, there has never been a turnout above 60%.

So, as the above mentioned millenial voters lose all hope early on in the election process, the void they left encompassed the democratic party, leaving un-educated, mostly white working class people as the pseudo majority in the united states as the most motivated voting population in the United States, and thus, they voted accordingly. Leaving us stuck for the next 4 years with a chaotic President.

Anthropology is at its most primitive a study of all peoples, at all places at all times. Taken into consideration, there is ample opportunity to view the recent election from a purely observational, scholarly perspective; yet that would be a failure of my need to better serve the human condition. The anthropological perspective on this election is that Americans failed themselves multiple times in a single election cycle. The election of Donald Trump is a more than just another mark in the ledger that is the story of the United States system of Governance, it is a representation of the breakdown of the amount of understanding and compassion there needs to exist for a population to truly thrive.

If we do not learn from our painful lessons of the past, push forward towards a progress that benefits the many over the few, and challenge ourselves to be agents in the betterment of the human condition, we will fall to the successes of greed, ethnocentrism, bigotry and fear. 

We are divided yes, we are wrought with the inability to even discuss our political social and other supercenter aspects to culture. Why? Because Tyrrany has been winning over for too long, limiting factors from government, religious ideology, close mindedness and power hungry bully-leaders that are sadly a reoccurring aspect to our existence. 

We are beaten, bloodied and left to fend for ourselves, those of us whom only want to see a better tomorrow, today, not selfishly, but honestly selflessly. We can not give up. We can not give in. We must be prepared to sacrifice everything, to gain anything. We must be strong in our trust in science, in each other, in ourselves.


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